Hard Rock & Heavy Metal


Thieves 5:02

Burning Inside 5:20

Never Believe 4:59

Cannibal Song 6:10

Breathe 5:40

So What 8:13

Test 6:04

Faith Collapsing 4:01

Dream Song 4:48



180g Vinyl! MINISTRY verschmolzen erfolgreich Heavy Metal und elektronische Beats mit einer Punk Attitüde.


Sie stützten sich auf gesampelte Sounds aus dem Synthesizer und auf dicke Schichten aus verzerrten Gitarren und agierten damit als Wegbereiter für Bands wie NINE INCH NAILS oder FEAR FACTORY.


Ihr viertes Album "The Mind Is A Terrible Thing To Taste" (1989) ist der Nachfolger zum Klassiker "The Land Of Rape And Honey".


Bei seiner Veröffentlichung knackte das Album die Billboard 200 - was natürlich zeigt, dass die Fangemeinde dieser Band recht kaufstark ist.

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42 Decibel - Hard Rock 'N' Roll ( 2 x LP 180g) (Limited Edition)

1 Scotch Drinker

2 Smokin'Fire

3 Long Legged Woman

4 The Real Deal

5 Take Me

6 I'm Gonna Give You All


1 Drinkin'Margaritas

2 Addicted To Rage

3 Born To Ride Alone

4 Rocker Soul

5 Drunk Love (Bonus)

6 Gimme A Drink (Bonus)





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Megadeth - Super Collider (LP, Album + 7", Col + Ltd)

A1 Kingmaker

A2 Super Collider

A3 Burn!

A4 Built For War

A5 Off The Edge

A6 Dance In The Rain

B1 Beginning Of Sorrow

B2 The Blackest Crow

B3 Forget To Remember

B4 Don't Turn Your Back...

B5 Cold Sweat

C All I Want

D A House Divided



Tradecraft ‎– 0602537409563, T-Boy Records ‎– 0602537409563, UMe ‎– 0602537409563, Universal Music Group International ‎– 0602537409563


Limited Edition Deluxe Vinyl Set

The new studio album on 180-gram heavyweight vinyl plus exklusive bonus coloured 7" single featuring bonus tracks "All I Want" & "A House Divided".

Includes a voucher to download an mp3 version of the album.

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Volbeat - Guitar Gangsters & Cadillac Blood (LP, Pic, Ltd, RE)

1 Intro (End Of The Road)

2 Guitar Gangsters & Cadillac Blood

3 Back To Prom

4 Mary Anns Place

5 Hallelujah Goat

6 Maybelenne I Hofteholder

7 We

8 Still Counting

9 Light A Way

10 Wild Rover Of Hell

11 Im So Lonely I Could Cry

12 Broken Man And The Dawn

13 Find That Soul

14 Making Believe (Bonus)


Mascot Records ‎– M 7265 5



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Volbeat - The Strength / The Sound / The Songs (LP, Pic, Ltd, RE)

1 Caroline leaving

2 Another day, another way

3 Something else or...

4 Rebel monster

5 Pool of booze, booze, booza

6 Always. WU

7 Say your number

8 Soulweeper

9 Fire song

10 Danny & Lucy (11pm)

11 Caroline '1

12 Alienized

13 I Only Wanna Be With You

14 Everything's Still Fine

15 Healing Subconciously


Mascot Records ‎– M 71745



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Volbeat - Rock The Rebel / Metal The Devil (Picture Disc LP, Vinyl)



1 The Human Instrument

2 Mr. & Mrs. Ness

3 The Garden's Tale

4 Devil Or The Cat's Song

5 Sad Man's Tongue

6 River Queen

7 Radio Girl

8 A Moment Forever

9 Soulweeper '2

10 You Or Them

11 Boa (JDM)



Mascot Records ‎– M 7215 5




Vinyl, LP, Picture Disc, Limited Edition

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Skunk Anansie ‎– Black Traffic (Vinyl, LP, Album + CD, Album, cardsleeve)

A1 I Will Break You 3:12

A2 Sad Sad Sad 2:57

A3 Spit You Out 3:30

A4 I Hope You Get To Meet Your Hero 3:44

A5 I Believed In You 3:12

A6 Satisfied? 3:22

B1 Our Summer Kills The Sun 4:14

B2 Drowning 4:11

B3 This Is Not A Game 3:23

B4 Sticky Fingers In Your Honey 2:35

B5 Diving Down 3:49

CD-1 I Will Break You

CD-2 Sad Sad Sad

CD-3 Spit You Out

CD-4 I Hope You Get To Meet Your Hero

CD-5 I Believed In You

CD-6 Satisfied?

CD-7 Our Summer Kills The Sun

CD-8 Drowning

CD-9 This Is Not A Game

CD-10 Sticky Fingers In Your Honey

CD-11 Diving Down



100% Records



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Rage Against The Machine ‎– Rage Against The Machine XX (Vinyl,CD,DVD Box Set)Remastered


Rage Against The Machine

A1 Bombtrack 4:04

A2 Killing In The Name 5:14

A3 Take The Power Back 5:37

A4 Settle For Nothing 4:48

A5 Bullet In The Head 5:09

B1 Know Your Enemy 4:55

B2 Wake Up 6:04

B3 Fistful Of Steel 5:31

B4 Township Rebellion 5:24

B5 Freedom 6:06

Disc 1 (CD)

Rage Against The Machine

CD1-1 Bombtrack 4:04

CD1-2 Killing In The Name 5:14

CD1-3 Take The Power Back 5:37

CD1-4 Settle For Nothing 4:48

CD1-5 Bullet In The Head 5:09

CD1-6 Know Your Enemy 4:55

CD1-7 Wake Up 6:04

CD1-8 Fistful Of Steel 5:31

CD1-9 Township Rebellion 5:24

CD1-10 Freedom 6:06

Bonus Tracks

CD1-11 Bombtrack (Live) 5:53

CD1-12 Bullet In The Head (Live) 5:44

CD1-13 Take The Power Back (Live) 6:14

Disc 2 (CD)

The Original Demos

CD2-1 Bombtrack 4:05

CD2-2 Take The Power Back 5:40

CD2-3 Bullet In The Head 5:09

CD2-4 Darkness Of Greed 3:40

CD2-5 Clear The Lane 3:48

CD2-6 Township Rebellion 4:19

CD2-7 Know Your Enemy 4:19

CD2-8 Mindset's A Threat 3:56

CD2-9 Killing In The Name 6:28

CD2-10 Auto Logic 4:07

CD2-11 The Narrows 4:35

CD2-12 Freedom 5:40

Disc 3 (DVD)

"The Battle Of Britain" Finsbury Park, London, England (June 6, 2010)

DVD1-1 Testify

DVD1-2 Bombtrack

DVD1-3 People Of The Sun

DVD1-4 Know Your Enemy

DVD1-5 Bulls On Parade

DVD1-6 Township Rebellion

DVD1-7 Bullet In The Head

DVD1-8 White Riot

DVD1-9 Guerilla Radio

DVD1-10 Sleep Now In The Fire

DVD1-11 Freedom

DVD1-12 Killing In The Name Of

Music Videos

DVD1-13 Killing In The Name (1992)

DVD1-14 Bullet In The Head (1993)

DVD1-15 Bombtrack (1993)

DVD1-16 Freedom (1993)

DVD1-17 Bulls On Parade (1996)

DVD1-18 People Of The Sun (1996)

DVD1-19 No Shelter (1998)

DVD1-20 Guerilla Radio (1999)

DVD1-21 Sleep Now In The Fire (2000)

DVD1-22 Testify (2000)

DVD1-23 Renegades Of Funk (2000)

DVD1-24 How I Could Just Kill A Man (2000)

Live Clips

DVD1-25 The Ghost Of Tom Joad

DVD1-26 Vietnow

DVD1-27 People Of The Sun

DVD1-28 Bulls On Parade

DVD1-29 Bullet In The Head

DVD1-30 Zapata's Blood

DVD1-31 Know Your Enemy

DVD1-32 Bombtrack

DVD1-33 Tire Me

DVD1-34 Killing In The Name

Disc 4 (DVD)

First Public Performance Cal State North Ridge, CA (October 23, 1991)

DVD2-1 Killing In The Name

DVD2-2 Take The Power Back

DVD2-3 Auto Logic

DVD2-4 Bullet In The Head

DVD2-5 Hit The Deck

DVD2-6 Township Rebellion

DVD2-7 Darkness Of Greed

DVD2-8 Clear THe Lane

DVD2-9 Clamptown

DVD2-10 Know Your Enemy

DVD2-11 Freedom

Pinkpop 1994

DVD2-12 Freedom

Vic Theatre 1993

DVD2-13 Take The Power Back

Jc Dobbs 1993

DVD2-14 Fistful Of Steel

Soundstage Performance 1992

DVD2-15 Bombtrack

Halfway House 1992

DVD2-16 Wake Up

Castaic 1992

DVD2-17 Settle For Nothing

San Luis Obispo 1992

DVD2-18 Clear The Lane

CWNN 1992

DVD2-19 Untitled

Zed's Records 1992

DVD2-20 Darkness Of Greed

Nomads 1992

DVD2-21 Wake Up


Epic ‎– 887654117625, Legacy ‎– 887654117625





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Kiss - Casablanca Singles 1974-82 (29 x 7" Vinyl)

 Nothin' To Lose / Love Theme From Kiss
 Kissin' Time / Nothin' To Lose
 Strutter / 100,000 Years
 Let Me Go, Rock 'N Roll / Hotter Than Hell
 Rock And Roll All Nite / Getaway
 C'mon And Love Me / Getaway
 Rock And Roll Nite (live) / Rock And Roll All Nite* Shout It Out Loud / Sweet Pain
 Flaming Youth / God of Thunder
 Detroit Rock City / Beth
 Beth / Detroit Rock City
 Hard Luck Woman / Mr. Speed
 Calling Dr. Love / Take Me

 Christeen Sixteen / Shock Me
 Love Gun / Hooligan
 Shout It Out Loud (live) / Nothin' To Lose (live)
 Rocket Ride / Tomorrow And Tonight (live)
 Strutter '78 / Shock Me
 Hold Me, Touch Me / Goodbye (Paul)
 New York Groove / Snowblind (Ace)
 Radioactive / See You In Your Dreams (Gene)
 Don't You Let Me Down / Hooked On Rock 'N Roll (Peter)
 You Matter To Me / Hooked On Rock 'N Roll (Peter)
 I Was Made For Lovin' You / Hard Times
 Sure Know Something / Dirty Livin'
 Shandi / She's So European
 Tomorrow / Naked City
 A World Without Heroes / Dark Light
 I Love It Loud / Danger

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